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Magnetic Resonance Imaging training or MRI training is widely available for technologists. They provide both theoretical and practical education for those who want to learn how to use the different types of MRI equipment as well as to help them learn standard procedures and protocol in operating such equipment. These are typically associate’s degree programs that can be accomplished in two years or even less.

Much like any field, veterinary medicine allows practitioners to learn about innovations in their industry. For this reason, various veterinary continuing education courses are created for vets. There are several approaches that vets can use to fulfill their lifelong educational journey.

There are universities that offer free online courses and classes. Topics cover a wide range of subjects. With the increasing use of advanced imaging modalities, there is now a new online Veterinary MRI course as well as a Radiation Safety Course available for veterinary professionals who want to take low-cost continuing  education classes.

Typically, in a classroom setting, there will be a radiology rounds course which invariably includes learning how to take a case. During such situations, students are taught how to discuss cases as concisely as possible usually not exceeding five minutes.


It’s the buzz word. Everyone is talking about it, but it seems as nebulous as its name. What is it?

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