As of July 17th, 2012, Registered Veterinary Medical Sonographer (RVMS) is a certified trademark.  

Employment of AAVR Registered Veterinary Medical Sonographers is expected to grow, as there is an increasing demand for veterinary diagnostic imaging. Job opportunities are favorable because sonography is becoming a more attractive alternative to radiologic procedures, since pet owners now seek diagnostic methods that don't involve radiation more than ever before. Sonographic technology is expected to evolve rapidly and to spawn many new sonography procedures, such as 3-D sonography; however, high costs may limit the rate at which some promising new technologies are adopted.

To be eligible for an AAVR Registered Veterinary Medical Sonographer (RVMS) certification, you must first meet specific educational and professional experience requirements. RVMS Prerequisites

The RVMS credential encompasses the following:

Ultrasound Physics & Instrumentation


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