We offer veterinarians an efficient way to expand their knowledge about imaging through focused continuing education programs. In keeping with our mission statement of responsible imaging, all AAVR-certified courses acknowledge that imaging education is a process that requires time, effort, and mentorship. This process begins with the AAVR course. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to receive notification of upcoming courses. We only send out periodic emails and we do not share your information with anybody.

Radiology Sabbatical: Through our Radiology Sabbatical, located at the Veterinary Imaging Center of San Diego (VICSD), you will be able to better familiarize yourself with the imaging modalities of most interest to you. Whether you do your own radiograph and/or ultrasound imaging, or you're just interested in learning about advanced imaging procedures that you refer out for, we can customize a program to suit your needs. >>>>Read more about Radiology Sabbatical.

Previous AAVR Online Radiology Rounds Subscription: We were pleased to have hosted a nationally recognized leader in veterinary radiology education, Dr. Eric Hergesell. Every other week, Dr. Hergesell highlighted his approach to film reading. During these rounds sessions, veterinarians were able to interact with Dr. Hergesell through a webinar format. You can now access the videos and cases online...·>>>>Read more about the AAVR Online Radiology Rounds.



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