Certification and Continuing Education

Technician Training
In response to the growing demand in veterinary medicine, we began to develop courses for veterinary technician training. Technicians successfully completing our education programs and examinations will be awarded certification by the AAVR and any applicable CE credit. AAVR certification is helpful in providing employers and pet owners a professional guarantee in competency.  >>>Read more about technician training programs 

Veterinarian Training
We provide veterinarians with an efficient way to expand their knowledge about imaging through rigorous and focused continuing education programs. In keeping with our mission statement of responsible imaging, all AAVR-certified courses acknowledge that imaging education is a process that requires time, effort, and mentorship. This process begins at the AAVR course. >>>Read more about the AAVR veterinarian education courses

AAVR Veterinary Association for Veterinarians & Technicians

The AAVR offers free and fee based educational information about veterinary imaging. Within the educational information, both unrelated and related company products may be mentioned and/or paid advertising may be displayed. Companies related directly to the AAVR through ownership or member participation are Vetology.ai, Vetology.net, San Diego Veterinary Imaging and the Veterinary Imaging Center of San Diego, Inc. The AAVR and ACVR are separate, independent companies.